Lentic Waters - The Path LP

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Lentic Waters - The Path LP

Moin, die Platte wird ja schon seit ein paar Wochen munter verkauft, aber hier trotzdem noch mal "offiziell":

"Lentic Waters from Munster, Germany has been flattening forests with their swirling wall of sound for a few years now. This monster of an LP continues with huge and [b]heavy screamo laced hardcore[/b] coupled with epic building instrumental passages bringing elements of [b]post-metal and doom[/b] to the table. Definitely a dark and emotional masterpiece, complete with a large lyrics booklet with some additional writings. Split label release with IFB Records, React With Protest, IFB, Suspended Soul, Deadwood, and Zegema Beach.

"An absolute stormer!" - Scott C."

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